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Database Management Systems Laboratory

Database Management Systems Laboratory  SYLLABUS 1. Introduction to SQL and installation of a database product 2. Data Types, Creating Tables, Retrieval of Rows using Select Statement, Conditional Retrieval of Rows, Alter and Drop Statements. 3.Working with Null Values, Matching a Pattern from a Table, Ordering the Result of a Query, Aggregate Functions,Grouping the Result of a Query, Update and Delete Statements. 4.Set Operators, Nested Queries, Joins, Sequences. 5.Views, Indexes, Database Security and Privileges: Grant and Revoke Commands, Commit and Rollback Commands. 6.PL/SQL Architecture, Assignments and Expressions, Writing PL/SQL Code, Referencing Non-SQL parameters. 7.Stored Procedures and Exception Handling. 8.Triggers and Cursor Management in PL/SQL. 9.Working with XML databases 10.Introduction to a data mining tool


CREATE THE TABLE: create table client_master11 (client_no varchar2(6), name varchar2(20), address varchar2(30), city varchar2(15), state varchar2(15), pincode varchar2(…