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Social and Professional Aspects of Information Technology

Social and Professional Aspects of Information TechnologyOrganizational Context: Business processes, Workflow, IT environment, Organizational culture, Organizational structure, professionalism [4]  Teamwork Concepts and Issues : Collaboration, group dynamics, leadership styles, personality types, collaboration tools [4] Professional Communications: Skill of effective oral presentation, efficient technical writing, system documentation, technical requirements [4]  Security and Legal issues in computing: Data security, system security and network security, GhostNet, cloud computing and security, cyber terrorism, hacktivism, information warfare, Compliance, Hackers/crackers, computer crime, viruses, system use policies and monitoring, risk and liabilities of computer-based systems [5]  Social context of computing:Social informatics, social impact of IT on society, online communities and social implications, globalization issues, economic issues in computing, digital divide [6]  Intellectual …